Houndy - Features

Why Houndy?

Here are some of the benefits:

Tsunami de informacion

Information tsunami

Houndy will provide order among the chaos of information: all that information pouring from emails, pone calls, face to face reunions, videoconferences, etc. Houndy can help organize it all and make it available for continuous consultation.

Servicio al cliente

Customer service

Customer Service is now a key differentiator on an organization. As potential customers are bombarded with infinite service and product options, the service may be the decisive factor for a final decision. Houndy will help you achieve a distinctive customer service that, if taken advantage, can translate into increased business opportunities.

Medicion de metas

Sales performance monitoring

Houndy will allow you to establish sales goals around issued quotations. If you can measure it, you can improve it!

Compartir informacion

Sharing information

Having updated information on the precise momento may be key factors on sales closing. To achieve these closings it’s useful to have a collaborative team and the correct tool. Houndy will help your team share decisive information such as contacts, notes, tasks, quotations, images, documents and much more.

Administracion de tareas

Task management

It´s common that, like you, other team members have a seemingly endless list of daily activities. Houndy features a module dedicated to task management that easily helps you organize your day, week and months. You will be able to classify your activities, assign chores and before you can forget one activity, Houndy will remind you to execute it.