Houndy - Tour

How can Houndy help you?

These are a few examples:

Get acquainted with your customers

On one screen you will be able to identify your customers details: you can review notes from team members in contact with them, get a feel of its current status, you will have at hand general data, quotations, documentation… all the information you consider most relevant.

Customized lists

Houndy will allow you to create keen lists… maybe you need a list of suppliers or for other purposes, a list of customers for a given service or product. Once these lists are created you can export the information to carry out marketing campaigns or you may want to convert it to other formats to manipulate as desired. All is possible.


Quotation review

With Houndy you will be able to review all quotations easily, the ones that are pending, the ones won and the ones lost. Any given date, you may want to review the reasons that did not award you business so you can change the strategy.

Receivable accounts

Once you have been awarded a new business, Houndy will help you keep track of your receivable accounts: register the payments and on through our reports, see the pending amounts.

Sales performance monitoring

Houndy will allow you to establish sales goals around issued quotations. If you can measure it, you can improve it!