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¿What can you accomplish with Sphere?

These are a few examples:

Competences dictionary

Access our competences dictionary from where you can part from or, if preferable, create your own! Mold them to your organization needs and manage them in a practical way.

Position profiles

The key component / factor of a performance evaluation is the clear definition of the position profile. This activity may result being tedious and complicated; however, SPHERE will assist you to create the profile through a very simple and visual process. You will be able to create, edit, delete and manage information as needed.


Variety reports

The objective of the evaluation process is to reach a performance measurement. To analyze the resulting information, Sphere provides a graph-type report catalogue that will allow you to visualize the different levels and gaps between persons and areas.

Evaluation range

Because all organizations are unique, Sphere will allow you to configure the depth of the evaluation (90°, 180°, 360°, 360°+). You will be able to choose if the employee will be evaluated by his supervisor, peers, subordinates, internal and/or external customers and even autoevaluation. These options will provide you with useful and objective information.


Personnel evaluation

If performance is not periodically measured and analized, you will not be able to monitor progress either. Is training effective? What are the red flags for each employee?